Proven Entertainment Investor Deck

When Proven Entertainment needed a pitch deck for VC investors in a week, they called me. Without assets, copy editors or design help, I didn’t get it quite where I wanted it by deadline, but it is still a presentation worth of the production team responsible for Fear Factor, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and dozens of other popular programs.

At Proven’s request, I cannot post the actual PowerPoint 2016 deck, however they allowed me to output a video that can be viewed behind this password-protected web page. They also requested that it not be the final version to protect certain sensitive content. It moves fast with only 5 seconds per slide and some exit animations happening almost immediately, but for the purpose of seeing the overall design and transitions I employed, it serves it’s purpose.


POSSIBLE’s Account-Winning Pitch Deck for VW Social Media

Pitch work is arguably the most important work a company does. This is especially true for creative and advertising agencies, where all of your business is dependent upon winning contracts through pitches. And I do a lot of pitch work: St. Germain, Fiat/Chrysler, Coca-Cola, The Olympics, DeVry, Holland America, Trident Seafoods, Rockband 4 and a host of other Fortune 500 companies.

This deck was created for Seattle-based POSSIBLE in just under 4 business days. I was the sole graphic designer and built it with great urgency in conjunction with the creative director, account managers and social media mangers. To keep intellectual property from being compromised I am not able to post the complete deck, however here are thumbnails of all 212 slides.


Cole & Webber pitch presentations

These don’t look quire right without the correct fonts, but wuddayagonnado? These were decks I worked on for Cole & Webber pitches. They are pretty simple and most of what I did was infographic and illustrations. Not too much work on transitions or animations, which are all very basic.