When I started DJing in 1999, I never in a million years thought I’d end up booking myself out for weddings and corporate holiday parties. DJs at events like weddings, school dances and in-store events were so cheeseball and fake. Club DJs were real. Artistic. Passionate. Not… um… corny. Sometime around 2007 it dawned on me: having a background in clubs and raves would actually be an asset to these sorts of events. Since then, nearly every event I play someone comes up to me, looks dumbfounded at the turntables spinning and with a shock, says “Wow, you’re a REAL DJ!”

Since breaking into commercial events and weddings, I have had the pleasure of playing a wide variety of events for an even wider clientele. I have provided music for countless weddings and events ranging from the annual Goodwill Glitter Ball Gala fundraiser to Jimmy Choo, Puma, PAX Prime, MAC Cosmetics, The City of Seattle, Trion and PopCap Games.

Emma Irwin & Andrew Herzog, Fall 2015. Video courtesy of Matt Weigand


Plasmodium Events

Capabilities and Specialization

Music Styles

I am able to mix anything, and have played just about everything under the sun: rock, country, reggae, singer/songwriter, disco/funk… I have also played specialty music for international couples getting married, like traditional African, Russian, German and Jewish music. I’ve played events that are nothing but 50’s Motown and others pure rockabilly. If you think it’s too obscure, it probably isn’t. Just ask!


I started out playing house, techno, breaks and drum & bass so anything EDM (electronic dance music) is funnest for me to play. I grew up listening to 80s & 90s pop, hip hop and r&b, however, so this stuff is close to my heart as well. The “dance” genre has expanded a lot in the last couple decades, and top 40/pop now is closer related to house and techno than anything else, so most of today’s pop falls under that category.

Gear Capabilities

Most events only require a basic setup: two turntables, DJ mixer, wireless microphone(s) & a couple loudspeakers. But in the rare cases where more is needed, I can – and have – accommodated everything up to stadium-sized sound systems. With an education in digital audio engineering, past work at Mackie and a live sound engineer dad, I’m no stranger to sound tech. Whatever your sound needs are, let me know and we can work out the details.


Do I take requests? If I’m playing at a club the answer is a simple, emphatic no. Actually, hell no. But, whereas at a club people are paying to see me perform as an artist, at weddings and commercial events I am a vendor. At events like these it is the job of the DJ to ensure your guests are engaged and enjoying themselves; this means not only do I take requests, I encourage them. Requests give me insight into your unique crowd and is a great way for me to fine-tune the playlist for the most memorable event possible.

A song is worth a thousand words

I talk to people all the time about genres. Only problem is, what means “Top 40” to one person is actually R&B to someone else. This creates confusion and leads to sometimes frustrating interactions. No one likes that, so I’ve put together some mini-mixes of the most requested types of music. This way, not only will we all be on the same page, but you can hear the way I actually mix. If there is another type of music you would like to hear, shoot me a request and I’ll put something together.

The right tune for the right space

Whether it’s for a festival of thousands, a corporate holiday party of hundreds, a small wedding of 50 or an in-store event, the music is always right for the setting.








Some things they've said

Andrew S Wedding
A huge thank you to wonderful DJ Kristina!  We met with her a few months before our wedding (which we had to completely redo in about 4 months due to external circumstances), and was amazingly professional and helpful.  The facility that we used in Ballard had its own somewhat-prehistoric sound system, and she visited the facility beforehand to make sure that her equipment would be able to interface, and also brought her own backup speakers just in case.  The sound system went off without a hitch, and she was spot-on with not playing banned songs while also adding some of her own filler music.  Everyone was dancing during the reception, old and young. Thank you for a wonderful experience! Update: If I could give 6 stars, I would.  Not only was the music great, apparently Kristina saved our playlist, so if in the future I want to use them for background music at another event, I can recreate it.  – yelp review from a gig as a Seattle Parties DJ
KeliAnne Wedding
Kristina is amazing. Not only did she go out of her way to make my wedding as stress free as possible (even bringing an extra speaker that was not in the contract), but she is great at reading the crowd. She had our friends fist pumping, singing along, and having an amazing time -- all with her relaxed, super fun style. I would highly recommend her -- she's the best! - read on
Jason Special Event
Perfect event and great music! Kristina not only played the music we asked for, but was able to read the crowd to know when people wanted to dance or slow things down. This was a great experience!! - read on
Nhu Wedding
Kristina served as the DJ for my wedding last September. She was AWESOME!!! She was easy to work with before the event (we e-mailed, talked on the phone, and met in person) - I wanted to give her a good idea of the type of music I liked, but did not want to have to do all the work of creating a playlist myself. During the wedding, Kristina easily got everyone on the dance floor and kept them there for hours. We still get compliments about her months later! I'd highly recommend her 🙂 - read on
Courtney S. Redfin
We have used Kristina to DJ at 2 of our company events and both times she was great! All of the attendees raved about the music. She has been very easy to work with and we will definitely be using her again in the future at our events. - read on
Brian Wedding
I can't say enough great things about Kristina. Music is a very important part of my life and I wanted to make sure that the music on our big day was perfect. Kristina really delivered. She responded promptly and professionally to all of our communications. We gave her a broad range of styles and songs to play at various points during the event. She paid attention to the details and got the evening exactly right. Her years of experience and ability to tune in to what the dancers wanted to hear got the dancefloor really moving. It was the most dancing I've seen at a wedding in a very long time. We were lucky to have Kristina as our wedding DJ. - read on