Born into a broken family, daughter of a never-to-be-known pro basketball player conceived during a two week bender with “mom,” Nastina is no stranger to adversity. Creating her empire piece by piece in the squalid projects of Beverly Hills, Nastina has made her own rules from day one. By age seven, her designer drug empire and highly-successful homeless prostitution ring had created incredible wealth. However, Nastina’s love of music was her way out of the ghetto. She got decks, she got speakers…she got Nasty. After burning down her childhood home in an drug-fueled effort to erase her past, Nastina made her way to Seattle, the Emerald City.

She could be seen every night, in any seedy dive with a power outlet, spinning records with a ferocious and infectious intensity. There was no stopping Nastina. Bringing a potent combination of music, performance and audience engagement, she was a force to be reckoned with. She made old folks jump up and bust a damn hip. She made Seattle hipsters dance and sing. Her power was growing…perhaps too rapidly.

The Nastina show blew up internationally, with performances that ranged from the Budokon to the Queen Mother’s dressing room, Nastina won 34 Grammys and has performed on Broadway (in her groundbreaking role in the adaptation of Alien vs. Predator). Clothing lines, shoes, jewelry, LSD…the Nastina name is everywhere.

Now, in a stunning P.R. move to re-connect with her past and to gather material for her upcoming biography, Nastina is back in Seattle and ready to bring stunning theatrics and unbridled energy back to the world of DJ performances. Hip Hop. Miami Bass. Top 40 Remixes. Dubstep. Electro-house. Bootylicious electrocrunkstep bidness all day.

Chris Aldrich Beyond 1am
I saw it all come together firsthand on Sunday afternoon at this year’s Photosynthesis festival. As soon as Nastina got her stride, a massive dance floor emerged, eating up every moment of the mainstream faire... Read whole article at Beyond 1am
Lezbro Gay City Seattle
Some of us gays were lucky enough to see her at The Bump over Halloween and for those of us in the know, this bit** is HOT
Kiss & Tell NYC
A more theatrical version of [Kristina Childs], Nastina whips up dancefloor energy through a mix of hip-hop, baltimore club, top 40 remixes & mash-ups, grime, dubstep, breakbeat and electro house.