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Make your awesome event even awesome-er.

You want your event to be memorable, whether it’s a corporate party, team building event, company picnic, holiday party, product launch, promotional event or trade show entertainment. There are many ways to make an special event stand out, but the most important element is by far the music. For your party to be successful, the music doesn’t just have to be good, it has to be right. Events leave an lasting impression when every element balances the others and contributes to a cohesive theme.

Mobile DJs have gotten a reputation for being cheesy and out of touch. And for good reason; to be competitive while still being profitable, traditional mobile DJ companies have done what many companies are doing… get a cheaper workforce. Any twenty-something kid can be found on craigslist, trained for 8 hours and handed a couple speakers with a pre-scrubbed set list. At this point aren’t as much of a DJ as they are an overpriced iPod, unable to react to guests and adjust the playlist to keep people dancing.

The true skill of a DJ is intuition and experience. The DJ you want to hire is an ocean of knowledge about all music—even music they don’t like. It’s also in their collection. The DJ you want to hire will ask you questions you hadn’t even thought of. They will anticipate and solve problems before it’s able to become a problem. They read and anticipate guest reactions with an inner checklist/monologue that sounds something like this:

What did the client request?
Is that what the crowd wants?
What will make them dance and interact with each other?
For events without dancing, how can I tell if guests are responding?
How do I handle requests?
What happens when a guest requests a song that I feel is inappropriate or will kill momentum?
If the client’s requested music bombs, how do I recover?

These are all things most “Mobile” DJs don’t know the answer to or even consider. Club DJs, on the other hand, dead-end pretty quickly in their careers if they don’t figure out these things early on. They are always thinking 3-4 songs ahead, sometimes more.

A different kind of mobile DJ

  • Club-style mixing (a continuous, seamless transition from one song to the next so there are no breaks or dips in the music)

  • Use of turntables & vinyl control records (cooler ambiance, more engaged guests)

  • Unlimited music library (containing literally every style of music)

  • Knows when to play a remix and when to play the original of a classic and beloved song

  • Stays off of the microphone (except to make friendly, important announcements that are part of the program)

  • Anticipates where the crowd wants to go rather than where they are. (There’s a rhythm to a setlist that keeps people interested and engaged. It needs to vary “up and down” a little, but can’t be pre-planned. A good DJ will plan the dips in energy levels. great DJ will let the crowd set itself organically.

  • Impeccable technical skill (as well as digital audio engineering education)