disseminating conclusion of the day: singularity vs reality

March 24, 2018 | 0 Comments | Life

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Here’s a peek into what it’s like to live in my head… a constant stream of linear and non-linear thought “patterns” (pattern is a severe understatement. try all thoughts available at once always.) using nothing but scientific facts, proven in labs, published by peer-reviewed journals of record and searchable by anyone on Google Scholar:

brainwaves are electrical
heartwaves are magnetic
our bodies operate on electromagnetic (EM) power
EM power is a wave
“waves” in 3d are spirals
wave pulse speed is frequency
wave pulse strength is amplitude
AMF disrupts EMF
AC disrupts DC
disruptions alter speed and/or strength of waves
everything happens in cycles:
life cycles
culture cycles
growth cycles
biochemical cycles
biogeochemicals cycles
psychological cycles
cycles are cyclical
a cycle with similar but different return point makes a spiral
the universe is spiraling
the galaxy is a less big spiral
the solar system is a less big spiral
the earth is a less big spiral
the atmosphere is a less big spiral
life on earth is a less big spiral
individual lives are less big spirals
each cell operates in a less big spiral
each molecule, less big spiral
each atom…
electrons are actually waves, matter is an illusion

this reality IS singularity.
the flat whole knocked into spiralling pulse,
possibly with AMF.
singularity is a cycle disrupted.

overcome the disruption.
accept natural cycles.
plug into the whole,
return to singularity.

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