10 petty things I hated in 2014

December 30, 2014 | 0 Comments | Life


Screw the best of lists. I’ve been huge sourpuss for the last couple weeks, so here’s 10 very petty things I hated about 2014. What can I say? It’s where I’m at. This is a journal after all.

  1. Doing laundry
  2. Lack of sunlight in my room
  3. Waiting for more lives in Candy Crush (joke’s on Candy Crush, I’ve moved on to Clash of Clans!)
  4. Live action shows on Adult Swim
  5. Horrible DJs playing primo gigs *cough*LA*cough
  6. The battery life of my HTC One M8 (first world problems, amirite?)
  7. Top Ramen (just kidding ramen, I love you. I hate you. I love you… hug me, we’ll work it out)
  8. Bills (currently taking applicants for open position of Sugar Daddy… or Sugar Momma.)
  9. That screwed-up look on the face of “music” friends when I explain that broadcasting gaming is “what I’ve been up to lately” at social events


and the #1 petty thing hated in 2014:


  1. Phone conversations.

Seriously. I hate chatting on the phone. It’s a potentially huge commitment and chances are I’m not feeling very social which won’t be fun for either of us. Text me like a normal [read: antisocial] person.

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