Recording from my Subtronic End guest spot on 107.7 The End last Saturday

August 19, 2016 | 0 Comments | Music

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(also playable using the pop-out player on the bottom of this window)

I grew up listening to The End. As a grunge/punk teen, the radio dial never left 107.7FM, except for when I would stray over to KUBE 93.3 for that 90s-era Hip Hop and R&B… or KGRG for a toe-dipping of Ska and Bumpin’ Uglies… Okay, okay, I jumped back and forth. But for most of my life, 107.7 has been the final resting place when all other stations (and pre anti-skip CD players) failed me.

Marco Collins had a huge part to play in the development of my electronic music involvement; those early Fatboy Slim, The Orb, Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers tracks were how I cut my teeth on electronic music. Collins’ show on 107.7 is what introduced me (and much of America) to Propellerheads and a host of other esoteric acts I would have never heard otherwise, and ultimately paved my interest leading to the music career I have now.

It was such an honor—and supremely humbling—to have been invited to be a special guest on the new electronic music show, Subtronic End. Since Marco went off the air all those years ago, I felt like the space it left was more of a void. Sure, we’ve got Expansions on KEXP and Vortex on C89.5, but in a city ruled by rock, The End has a uniquely respected place in the musical hierarchy of the city. It is a trustworthy (and wide-reaching) beacon for so many budding music aficionados, and for it to branch into electronic music for one night a week exposes a lot of people to music they never knew they loved.

The specialty show, now revived and helmed by Zach Van Lue, is boldly placed smack dab in prime time for the genre: Saturday night from 10-1am. I remember the first time I turned on my car to head off for the evening and instead of hearing The Killers or Gooeyinsanely good tech house—mixed supremely well—started gushing from my Honda Element’s stereo. I was beside myself… so much so that I started tweeting from my car to share my excitement with the world. I-5 SAFTEY BE DAMNED! Zach does Marco proud, I think, and I look forward to contributing to the show again. He’s a super nice guy to boot! (We got to know each other over massive slices of pizza a couple weeks prior.)

This time around it’s heavy-footed bassline house, electro house and future garage. It’s in the pop-out-able player below as well, and you’re free to download! I also took some pictures ^_^ Track list below!


  1. Kristina Childs – Bad Things Wobble Intro
  2. Malaa, Maximono – Arsenic
  3. Simula – LVPK (K Green Remix)
  4. Bijou & Vanilla Ace – We Don’t Dance
  5. Malaa – Diamonds
  6. Zander, Left/Right – Can’t Stop
  7. Pleasurekraft – Tarantula (Klle Dawld Remix)
  8. Shift K3Y – Like This
  9. Vato Gonzalez – Push Riddim
  10. David Heartbreak – Rebel feat Leftside (AC Slater Remix)
  11. Hot Chip – Night and Day (Dusky Remix)
  12. Green Velvet, Pleasurekraft – Skeleton Key feat Green Velvet (Bontan Remix)
  13. Dave Seaman – Dance in Tongues
  14. Skapes & South Royston – Sound Of Our Soul
  15. Dustycloud – Rebel
  16. HI-LO – Ooh La Lah
  17. D.O.D – Night Cap
  18. Brillz, Ghastly – Hawt
  19. Jaymo & Andy George – Inhaler (Worthy’s West Coast Bass Remix)
  20. R3LL & HVNS – All 2 U feat Kiff (Talks Nulight Remix)

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